Saudi Arabia Credit Card Company


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This is just to inform our readers of different company that could be seen in . And here are the list of those bank. The links will then be increase as time pass by.

  1. issued by can issue Master card and Visa Card to those who wish to get their card. It is a must to go to the bank and fill up the forms required by the bank. There will be a company letter to attest the recent salary that an applicant have.
  2. Issued by is known to have a very good promotion of having a zero interest fee to some items that could be bought in Tech store in .
  3. Issued by Saudi Hollandi Bank – This is the green colored card, they are also providing Visa and Mastercard for their customers. I could say that it is hard to get from them.

So I think I could end up the post on the three banks but actually there are more banks that could give in .

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