Proper Use of Credit Card

I have been using my credit card for more than 10 years now,  Credit card is good if you know how to use it properly but it is a nightmare for those who will just use it for pleasure . Credit card gives you the facility to have a credit without any interest if you will pay it on time. But for sure it will give you big head ache if you let you due date pass. High interest rate awaits those credit card user who are not paying on time.

Credit Card Officers will always call you if you have not paid on time. Additional interest will be given if you have only paid the minimum amount due. Additional interest will be given if you forget to pay on the specified date.

As a long time credit card user. I have learn to pay on time and take the advantage on having a capital without interest in some of my online and offline ventures.

So use your Credit Card wisely. Pay on time. That is how to properly use your Credit Card.


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