How to Avoid Unauthorized Use of Credit Card

How to Avoid Unauthorized Use of Credit CardUnauthorized used of occurs whenever somebody uses the to purchase from anywhere without authorization from the owner. It occurs when somebody stole the details of through online or offline use of .

users should protect their card and never give or encode the information online if the site is not in https mode ( secured site ). Most of the time, hackers could penetrate to the site which are not https, and they are harvesting the information of the card.

Don’t ever ever give you card to a restaurant that you don’t trust. They could copy the number at the back of your card. If they do, they can easily use your card in online transaction.

In addition to our post before about the proper use of credit card , user should always make sure that they can see what the merchant is doing in the card.

Although you can always dispute a transaction, it is still not good to go into hard process of issuing a chargeback to the company.

Better be safe than sorry.

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  1. Henry says:

    haha, your right. Nakikita ko to minsan. Those rich people basta na lng ipapahiram sa waiter ung credit card kpg magbabayad na sila. Pede gamitin for online transaction ung card hndi ba nila alam un, hehe.


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