Black Friday 2011 Season and Credit Card Usage

Black Friday 2011 Deals will soon be here, actually it will be on November 25,2011. It is the season where lots of people in USA go to different store to get discounted rates of different things. From electronic Gadget to clothing’s and food.

But this is also the season where lots of Credit Card Fraud is being seen. So be sure to take good care of your credit card and never let any other user hack or still your account details.

Here are some tips :

  1. If possible go with the waiter when paying your bill in the restaurant.
  2. If possible always see to it that the one swiping the card is not logging your credit card details.
  3. Make sure to do transaction in a secure online site. Look for the lock below your browser.
  4. Never do online payment transaction in public computer such as airport and the same.

Hope above mentioned tips could help you in preventing hackers to use your account during Black Friday 2011 Season Sale.

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